Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Third Party? Or Not.

Overnight at lan shop, freaking cold like heaven.. BRRR >,,<
Met my ex (The Previous One) . slack and talk awhile as nth to do the whole day. Went out wiv family for curry fish head.. YUMMY!!~ mum's treat. den go sing. SIS TREAT.. haha. Tonight had to book in le.. SIAN 1/2.. It juz ended wiv a blink.. -.<

Nth much to post le.. going home now. update soon next friday. Do take care of tour health. and god bless u guys.. cheers.

Rules of a Jigsaw
Jigsaw Puzzle isn't juz a game, its a puzzle you have to figure out where to put pieces by pieces. Juz like in your life. Dun lose any pieces and you'll get wad u expected in your future life.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Start From The Beginning.

Wow.. two more days left to book in. Tats fast.. Long weekends always pass fast.. haiz.. nvm, ORD soon le.. 5 months. realli cant wait liao. Juz met her today as she's taking MC from work. Den accompany her to see doctor. See her so tired, MC is the best choice for her to finally rest well at home. Had been drawing lot of sketch drawing for her. Hope she realli like it. You muz be wondering "Tout u forgot her le?" ... This question is unanswerable. is normal reaction lor. But kip questioning myself, am i doing the right thing or not? It makes me miss her more and more after seeing her. HAIZzz. how am i suppose to forget her?

Love is missing someone whenever you're apart, but somehow feeling warm inside because you're close in heart.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Forgive And Forget!

Finally finish my duty. HERE I COME LONG WEEK END!~ =] Had almost forgotten her le. Need to pursuit for more happiness ahead. Can still be friends anyway. ^^ Later going out wiv YG. Today i met her to pass her something, saw alot of scratches on her hand. Did she scratch herself or wad? I dunno for sure.

Post till here coz going out soon. Once again, Thx for reading. ^^

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Take The Next Steps - Forget Her

Going to book in le.. tml got duty. amanda, ur right. stop contacting her. Thx all my friends, w/o u guys, i might suffer from depression. My objective is to forget her for good. This time, really the worst feeling i ever encounter in my life... UR RIGHT, EVERYONE HAS THEIR FIRST TIME.(this is wad my ex say to me)

Hurtful Experience.

Hi guys, anyone out there whose reading, thx alot. Might not be a special blog but i just wanna write all my thoughts and feeling inside here so that it can let me release some of my hurtful memories. Still serving my NS, feel like forever. Used to have a cheerful and caring gf. As time pass, things turn out differently. Quarrel constantly, argue over small matters, no1 willing to give in. Thats the main things that cause breakup.. You ask me, "Your a guy, why wouldn't YOU give in?" Answer is i did give in. But i do have my pride. Mostly is my fault too. My temper always blow. I am trying to change my attitude and temper now. Takes some time. I really really loves her, I willing to do everything to bring her back. every little history we've shared, every memories we've got. It will never be replaced. She might already love some1 now or already together, I will still wish her the best and last long.

Love is Unfair